About Me

I am an enthusiastic advocate of individual and vocational fulfillment. I am a comfortable hybrid of psychology and philosophy, a scholar of Existential Analysis, a teacher and counselor in heart and mind, and an ever-evolving writer. I have always been captivated and inspired by our individual and shared experiences and how we continuously integrate these experiences to expand, create and construct who we are. I have always been drawn to questions of existence, questions that ponder the possibilities of human endeavour and the unique and diverse expressions of striving and potential that reveal our capacity for openness, relationship, enthusiasm and hope.  I have always had a profound interest in the relationship between individuals and the world, communities and social structures that we inhabit, create and recreate, collaborate with and contribute to. I believe our deep yearnings to live with purpose, meaning and authenticity, our desire to flourish as our existence unfolds, is reflected in how we step forward into the world every day, how we inhabit our lives, express ourselves and reflect on who we are and can be.

My Approach

I support and encourage my clients. I like working with my clients!

I work closely with my clients to explore their experiences, values, attitudes, decisions and actions. I assist my clients in articulating their unique experiential expertise and then applying that expertise practically within the contexts of both their present lives and future goals.

I engage with my clients through exploratory conversation to create customized reflective exercises followed by practical AND personally meaningful steps forward. I help my clients to contemplate different perspectives, thereby enabling them to bring a deepened awareness into alignment with the reality of their day-to-day lives. For each of my clients the result is a heightened and felt (re)engagement.

Because I know that many of my clients’ energy, confidence, focus and enthusiasm can be extremely challenged during periods of great change, I believe strongly in an empathetic and confidential dialogue that allows my clients to address both the external realities and inner feelings they are experiencing. This highly personal dialogue and work often reveals possibilities that help my clients access, experience and ultimately rely on their unique strengths, values and resilience.

What I hope is that my clients will discover further innate capacities and unique ways to create profession; that they will regain confidence in their potential and experience deeper fulfilment through collaboration; that they will feel a deep sense of purpose and value through the contributions they make to their respective work and communities.