Integrative Career Counseling

I offer remote counseling services via Skype, email and on location in Ottawa, Canada.

Individual session options include:

  • One 30 minute consultation
  • One 60 minute session
  • A package of 3 sessions. Includes: Three 60-minute sessions and any email communication and support necessary between sessions.
  • Webinars on understanding burnout and burnout prevention.

I enjoy working with a wide range of clientele both nationally and internationally and I am particularly dedicated to:

  • Integrated personal + career counseling;
  • Helping clients step through and integrate experiences of great change - career and/or life transitions;
  • Counseling clients who are experiencing burnout and disengagement to re-discover personal resilience and vocational/career fulfillment;
  • Guiding clients in creating and developing personally meaningful careers; and
  • Assisting and mentoring young adults with the educational, experiential and emotional flexibility required to navigate today’s rapidly changing work world.

I believe in a highly customized, creative and pragmatic approach - grounded in existential and experiential psychological theory - one that encourages and supports each client to:

  • become more aware of their experiences; and
  • become more personally connected with and capable of identifying, articulating and putting into action their unique experiential expertise, potential, resilience and values.

My work with clients very often includes areas that overlap: personal counseling, creating and developing career, vocational fulfillment, experiences and prevention of burnout, professional and life transition, leadership coaching, communication (dialogue!), resiliency, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and interpersonal relationships.

I guide clients in integrating and harmonizing their inner and public lives. By reflecting on personal values and then aligning these values with their vocational aspirations and innate capacities, clients discover possibilities for themselves. This reinvigorates their ability to move forward with concrete actions to ensure that the work they create and devote themselves to, the collaborations they seek out and engage in and the contributions they make to their specific fields or communities are meaningful, fulfilling and authentic representations of who they are.

Individually we want actively to create and construct our lives and vocational pursuits. We are also relational beings, we derive meaning through collaboration and being engaged with others and the world around us. We are motivated to contribute to our families, work and communities as this gives us an energized feeling of purpose and value. Ideally, we want our aspirations, values, passions, interests, personality, education and unique experiences to be congruent with our work lives. This congruence is experienced not only as "best fit" but also as fulfillment and what we in Existential Analysis call inner consent. This congruence is our authentic offering and enriches our vocational paths.