• Britt-Mari Sykes has worked in private practice as an integrative career counselor for the past 7 years. She is based in Ottawa, Canada but works with clients remotely both nationally and internationally. She earned her PhD from the University of Ottawa and specializes in existential and humanistic psychotherapies. Britt-Mari is the author of Questioning Psychological Health and Well-Being (2010), a historical and contemporary examination of the meaning of psychological health and development. She is currently working on her second book: a collection of essays on education and vocation from an existential analytic perspective. For the past 15 years Britt-Mari has guest-lectured extensively in classrooms and at conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe on the history of existential psychology, the theory of Existential Analysis, meaningful and fulfilling living and on creating vocation. She has served on panels at international conferences on human development, ethics in everyday life and the value of work.

    Britt-Mari Sykes PhD
    Existential Psychology
    Integrative Career Counseling


  • Integrative Career Counseling: Working Contextually and Experientially


    In my practice, integrative career counseling is a hybrid of personal (existential) and career counseling. It is an approach to career counseling that takes into consideration the whole person. This includes considering an individual’s varied experiences and the influence and impact those experiences have had, and continue to have, on how an individual navigates, shapes and contributes to their life and work. An integrative approach takes into account a client’s values, it respects and highlights an individual’s unique way of being, personal expertise and capacities. An integrative approach looks at concurrent and overlapping issues that may impede or influence the direction and progress of a client’s desired outcome for career development or career change.

The Interview

  • Jay Gosselin


    Mentoring, guiding and supporting young adults into post-secondary education and the work world is crucial in today’s world. These roles have also created a deeply fulfilling, meaningful and collaborative vocation for Jay Gosselin, founder and president of MentorU and the Discover Year program. As he states, “we need to help young people reach for the limits of their capacity and hold them accountable to this standard while at the same time showing them respect, empathy and understanding”.