• I help clients create personally empowered solutions to career transition, burnout and building meaningful careers. I offer my clients a customized, affirming and holistic approach to career counseling.

    Single session and multi-session packages in career counseling and career development are available. Start with a free 30 minute consultation. To book a consultation please contact me at brittmari@brittmarisykes.ca. I look forward to hearing from you.

    “Individually we want to be actively engaged in creating and constructing our lives and careers. We are also relational beings, we experience meaning and a sense of connection through collaboration and being engaged with others and the world around us. We are motivated to contribute to our families, to our work and the communities we are part of as this gives us an energized feeling of purpose and value. Ideally, we want our aspirations, values, passions, interests, personality, education and unique experiences to be aligned with our work lives. This alignment or congruence is experienced as "best fit", as personally authentic, more importantly it is the key to fulfillment and enriches our career path(s)”.

    Britt-Mari Sykes PhD
    Existential Psychology
    Integrative Career Counseling


  • Making Decisions - Stalemate to Action


    As a career counselor, I encounter and work with pivotal decisions my clients are facing. I assist them in the reflective process that brings greater perspective and awareness to the various sides of a given situation they are grappling with. Perspective and awareness help my clients to identify possibilities and map out choices from which they can freely make decisions and take appropriate courses of action. I also believe in helping my clients understand the anatomy of their decision making and encouraging the deliberate exercising of decision-making muscles which includes the practice of being present. Let me elaborate.

The Interview

  • Marie-Claude Lessard


    Our careers and professional lives grow, expand and shift. This movement, aided in part by our unique and accumulated experiences, adds depth and perspective to our interests, talents and contributions. Marie-Claude (MC) Lessard is no exception as she reflects on the developments in her professional journey. As she states, “I feel my professional and personal lives seem to be merging in a most uplifting manner”.


  • Working with Britt-Mari was one of the most powerful and fulfilling personal and career experiences I have had the privilege of going through. Britt Mari has an ability to guide you into your inner world in a manner that enables you to...

    A.Were - Nairobi, Kenya