Managing the natural stressors that accompany life


Our lives are not immune to stress, difficult transitions, complex work, disappointments, mistakes, and periods of exhaustion.

How can we monitor and stay connected to what we are experiencing day to day?

How can we process, integrate and manage the natural stressors that accompany life?

  • We take the time and make the space to reflect on our experiences, our engagements with others, and the day’s activities. Taking the time to deepen our awareness of the present moment and how we are experiencing our lives helps us to develop perspective and then to apply it during challenging moments.


  • Through practice and with self-compassion, we incorporate into our lives personally manageable and realistic approaches to stress reduction. These can include the time and space to relax, some physical activity (a daily walk is great!), meditation, a good sleep and healthy eating.


  • We examine our attitudes towards life and towards ourselves. Do I step into life and engage with others with openness? Do I practice self-compassion and self-acceptance? Do I hold rigid views of who I should be or am I accepting of who I am and open to my continuous development?


  • We learn to set realistic and appropriate boundaries. What is an appropriate boundary in MY life? Is the boundary protective or does it free me? What changes are possible in my life in order to develop realistic boundaries? How can I implement those changes – with practice - into my daily life?

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