Searching For Careers We Are Passionate About


I work with many young adults grappling with decisions about what to study at College or University and/or what career paths to pursue.

Two contrasting phrases we currently hear in relation to this age group are: "failure to launch" and "find something you are passionate about". What I often witness among young adults is not so much a failure to launch but a decision paralysis.  This paralysis stems from fear of choosing a career path that may not lead to work they are passionate about.

Without this "guarantee", making any education or career decisions becomes increasingly difficult.

Much like the search for fulfillment, the search for meaning or the search for happiness, the search for work that we are passionate about remains elusive without our active engagement.

It would of course be wonderful if jobs came "fully packaged" offering both passion and fulfillment!

But in fact we are the ones to bring every educational experience and every work role we have to life. We are the ones who create, construct, discover, experience and sustain passionate work(s) through our engagement.

When we take risks, when we open ourselves to trying something new or of interest, when we take a leap of faith and jump in, when we participate and contribute to our work, when we exercise our decision muscles, we create the work(s) and the career(s) we are passionate about.

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