I invite you to try Integrated Career Counseling - a combination of career and life coaching from an experiential and existential psychological perspective. This is a coaching perspective that focuses on your life and your unique experiences. I am committed to supporting, guiding and encouraging you through this personalized coaching process by drawing on your experiences and what you value deeply. My aim is to help you move forward with greater awareness, reflective practice, possibility and concrete actions that are meaningful and authentic representations of who you are.

I often meet with clients who are experiencing a lack of confidence, energy, focus and motivation during periods of: career transition, when they are experiencing burnout, when they desire more meaningful work or when they are at the initial stages of career development.

Are you experiencing...?

  • A lack of fulfillment in your career
  • Burnout
  • Stress and disengagement
  • Boredom in your job: feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • Experiencing fear and anxiety about entering the job market after a period of unemployment
  • A lack of confidence in your skills and abilities
  • A sense that you followed an education and/or career path that was not your personal choice
  • A feeling that you do not "fit" the standard educational or career path choices

Are you wanting…?

  • Work that better reflects your experiences and skills
  • A career that has personal meaning and purpose
  • A sense that you are making a contribution in and through your work
  • To be connected to your job and your professional community – to collaborate with co-workers, to be mentored
  • To feel passionate about your work
  • To feel more alive and involved in your work and life
  • To experience a congruence between who you are and what you do – to be engaged in work that aligns with your personal values

The Process

  • Attention to and compassionate understanding of your unique life and experiences
  • Guidance, support and encouragement through exploratory conversation
  • Examining your accumulated experiences, values, attitudes, decisions and behaviors
  • Customized reflective exercises to be completed between sessions
  • Helping you discover and develop your unique Experiential Expertise from the content of these exercises

The Results of Our Work

  • Perspective, greater reflective practice and deepened awareness of your capabilities
  • Bringing your potential into alignment with the realities of your day-to-day life. The results are renewed energy and re-engagement.
  • An organized, creatively constructed and personalized Experiential Map to take forward. Some examples include:
    • customized steps to meet a specific goal
    • exercises and reflections to integrate into your daily life
    • a professional profile that includes a bio and list of capabilities

Please see the Individual Session Options for more information or contact me at I am always happy to answer your questions.