Discover and Create A Meaningful Relationship With Work


I help my clients discover, create and maintain a resilient and meaningful relationship with work at any stage of life. My approach is client specific respecting the diversity of skills, experiences and personal contexts of each individual. 

Are you experiencing any of the following...?

  • Suddenly facing a career transition and/or unemployment
  • Fear and anxiety around networking and job interviews after a period of unemployment
  • Difficulty developing a career path
  • A sense that you followed an education and/or career path that was not your personal choice
  • A feeling that you do not "fit" the standard educational or career path choices
  • Worried about retirement - wanting meaningful activity and engagement in retirement
  • Redefining "retirement" - creating new professional paths after age 60
  • Unmanageable stress or burnout
  • Disengagement at work and in daily life
  • Boredom in your job - feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • A lack of fulfillment in your career
  • A lack of confidence in your skills and abilities

Are you wanting…?

  • A career or work that has personal meaning and purpose
  • Work that better reflects your experiences and skills
  • A sense that you are making a contribution in and through your work
  • To be connected to your job and your professional community – to collaborate with co-workers, to be mentored
  • To feel passionate about your work
  • To feel more alive and engaged in your work and your life
  • To create a better balance with work and life
  • To recognize and manage personal levels of stress and/or burnout
  • To develop and maintain greater awareness, presence and perspective in your day to day life
  • To experience a congruence between who you are and what you do – to be engaged in work that aligns with your personal values

My work with clients includes: conversation, support, perspective, customized reflective exercises and collaborative strategies

  • I guide my clients to reflect on and personally define what meaningful and fulfilling work/career might look and feel like.
  • I support my clients with practical suggestions to keep their energy, enthusiasm and creativity active during periods of difficult career transition, career development and/or stress and burnout.
  • I offer my clients different perspectives while upholding and respecting their unique way of being.
  • I encourage my clients in the practice of being more “present” in their daily lives. The practice of being “present” in our daily lives is especially important during periods of transition and change.
  • I work closely with my clients to identify what they value most and then integrate these values into their daily lives: “living our values”.
  • I provide customized reflective exercises that help my clients to identify their unique “experiential expertise” from their accumulated experiences. This process helps clients to: discover innate or personal skills and capacities from their varied experiences; to connect their accumulated experiences and create a more substantive profile of their expertise; come to better understand “how” they work; and learn to leverage this more personal expertise (this valuable offering).
  • I help my clients gain a greater understanding of their attitudes, decisions and choices. This leads to the discovery of personal resilience(s) and possibilities. My clients begin to see what choices they have. They become better at making decisions and taking appropriate actions that feel personally relevant, meaningful and authentic.
  • I assist my clients in aligning their aspirations, values, innate talents, interests, personality, education and training, and unique experiences with what is realistic and accessible.

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I look forward to our conversation.