Testimonials for Britt-Mari Sykes PhD

  • Working with Britt-Mari was one of the most powerful and fulfilling personal and career experiences I have had the privilege of going through. Britt Mari has an ability to guide you into your inner world in a manner that enables you to clearly identify and more importantly articulate your skills, expertise, knowledge and abilities. She taught me how to think about what I truly wanted to do in my professional life and equipped me with the thinking patterns that made me actively aware of my capacities as well as the expressive skills to clearly state them. As an African woman I was impressed by her ability to speak to and tune into my priorities and cultural expressions as an African. This is a skill that can be hard to find in the global marketplace. I recommend Britt-Mari to anyone who wants to learn more about how to better align their personal and career growth plans with their passions and interests in a manner that leads to a more productive and satisfying career life.

    A.Were - Nairobi, Kenya

  • Due to distance and technological issues, I found myself working with Britt-Mari via email. Within a few hours, my disappointment was replaced by a sense of clarity and empowerment that has eluded me for months. Feeding off very little information, BM asked direct, thought-provoking, questions that made me feel she could read between the lines. Her experience and innate talent for zeroing-in on the core issue and its cause shone brightly in our brief, transformational, encounter. I came to her ready for forward movement and ended up feeling catapulted into the next chapter of my life. With deep, heart-felt, gratitude, thank you Britt-Mari!

    MC Lessard - Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Dr. Britt-Mari Sykes is a very skilled, highly authentic person who has a wonderful ability to bring out the best in those with whom she works. She is a deeply valued colleague and a gift to the fields of psychology, spiritual development, and business, as well as an enormously helpful resource for personal growth. She consistently embodies excellence in her work and combines it with a warm charm that affirms those around her.


    Terry D. Cooper, Ed.D., Ph.D., Psy.D. - Oakland City, IN

  • It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Britt-Mari for those who are looking for deep insight in their life and career. As a coach I understand how professional and to the point she coaches me around my projects and goals in life and in my career. She is non-judgmental, intelligent, heart centered and open to unknown conversations. I cannot write enough about her skills in coaching and the awareness that I have got through her. Thank You!

    P. Haghani, San Diego, California

  • I discovered Britt-Mari when I was at a crossroads in my career. If anyone is considering career transition, change or exploring other options, I would highly recommend sitting down with Britt-Mari to help guide, support and meet your personal career goals. She is warm, knowledgeable, extraordinarily insightful, providing guidance in assessing your personal and professional skills and strengths to focus on looking for and assessing work opportunities that would meet your personal and professional goals. From our initial encounter, I felt heard, connected, that Britt-Mari understood my challenges, career frustrations and my need to search for meaningful opportunties where I could bring "my full self" to the career table. She listened to my experiences, concerns, questions and provided me with honest, knowledgeable advice, very much grounded in understanding me as a full person and my needs. She has a great ability to accurately assess what makes you “tick”.

    J. Benjamin, Ottawa, Canada

  • I met Britt-Mari at a time when my professional life was in turmoil. Having followed my passion for human rights, I had ended-up in a job that I thought was perfectly suited to my aspirations. Unfortunately, I quickly found myself at odds with the institution and my superiors, neither of which shared my commitment to excellence and social justice. I had failed to find satisfaction where I expected it to be, and confusion and self-doubt had set in.

    Thanks to Britt-Mari’s patient and gentle coaching, I was able to reconnect with what I found meaningful in life. As a deeply authentic, warm and empathetic person, she will engage with you in conversation and guide you on a journey of self-discovery, eventually arriving at a place of personal truth so compelling that it still empowers me to this day. What’s more, she will make it a joyful and uplifting experience with you at its very centre.

    Finding one’s way in a world that doesn’t always conform to our expectations, or recognize us for who we really are, can be challenging. I am grateful to Britt-Mari for having helped me build this uniquely affirming core of strength and purpose that has consistently kept me moving in the right direction.

    A.D. Ottawa, Canada

  • Britt-Mari helped me deepen my understanding of my core values and unique work experience. I was able to verbalize this more eloquently to myself first so I could articulate it more efficiently in an interview context. We worked on my resume as well so that it would reflect more accurately who I am, what I have accomplished, and what I aspire to in the future career wise. Through this I was also able to drill down to what fulfills me and what I find meaningful at work which enabled me to let go of what I would call professional setbacks and move forward. It's hard to believe this was done in three sessions but Britt-Mari has a way of keeping one’s focus on what is important.


    M.P. Ottawa, Canada

  • I can’t recommend Britt-Mari enough.  She has the expertise and the passion to put you on a path to success. Outside of regularly scheduled sessions, Britt-Mari is immensely helpful when you have questions or when you just need some advice. She is committed to you as a person as she helps you find a voice in the fast-paced, and sometimes daunting, world of work.

    R. Buckley, Barrie, ON, Canada