Integrative Career Counseling

  • I coach clients at varying stages of life to:

    • successfully navigate career and life transitions 
    • creatively build the foundations for a resilient career
    • discover and integrate life affirming solutions to burnout

    I invite you to try Integrated Career Counseling - a combination of career and life coaching from an experiential and existential psychological perspective. An existential coaching perspective focuses on your life, on your unique and diverse experiences.

    I am committed to supporting, guiding and encouraging you through this personalized coaching process by drawing on your experiences, your evolving skills and what you value deeply to create customized and lasting solutions.

    My aim is to help you continue to move forward in your life with greater awareness, insight and perspective. The results of our work will enable you to combine what is possible with personally meaningful decisions and actions.

    Single session and multi-session coaching packages in career transition, developing resilient careers and burnout prevention are available via Skype or Zoom.

    To book a free 20 minute consultation please contact me at I always welcome any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you.

    Individually we want to be actively engaged in creating and constructing our lives and careers. We are also relational beings, we experience meaning and a sense of connection through collaboration and being engaged with others and the world around us. We are motivated to contribute to our families, to our work and the communities we are part of as this gives us an energized feeling of purpose and value. Ideally, we want our aspirations, values, passions, interests, personality, education and unique experiences to be aligned with our work lives. This alignment or congruence is experienced as "best fit", as personally authentic, more importantly it is the key to fulfillment and enriches our career path(s).

    Britt-Mari Sykes PhD
    Existential Psychology
    Integrative Career Counseling


  • Leading OUR lives with Inner Consent


    We read a great deal about the qualities of good leadership. We develop models of good leadership and can enumerate the positive outcomes when we work under good leadership. But how well do we lead our lives? How is internal leadership connected to experiencing fulfillment in our lives, building our resilience and enhancing our engagement with the work we do? The answer lies in leading our lives with Inner Consent.

The Interview

  • Jeff Plowman


    Navigating career transitions successfully includes integrating our varied experiences, our accumulated expertise and our values. Jeff Plowman discusses how his experiences in advertising and business development, his musical talent, and a “sixth sense that truly empathizes with the human journey” have combined to create his current professional role of film composer.


  • Working with Britt-Mari was one of the most powerful and fulfilling personal and career experiences I have had the privilege of going through. Britt Mari has an ability to guide you into your inner world in a manner that enables you to...

    A.Were - Nairobi, Kenya