Integrative Career Counseling

  • I offer convenient online career, life and retirement counseling/coaching to clients globally.

    I assist my clients to:

    • navigate career and life transitions 
    • redefine work and profession in "retirement"
    • build the foundations for resilient career paths
    • create and integrate personal, life affirming solutions to stress and burnout

    I invite you to try Integrated Career Counseling - a combination of career and life counseling/coaching from an experiential and existential psychological perspective. An existential counseling perspective focuses on your life, on your unique experiences, on your relationships, your diverse talents and capacities.

    I am committed to supporting, guiding and encouraging you through this personalized process by helping you integrate and leverage your experiences, your evolving skills and what you value deeply to co-create customized approaches to work and career.

    We have a life-long relationship with work and career. As such, my aim is to help you continue to move forward in your life with greater awareness, insight and perspective, and that our work will enable you to continually combine what is possible with personally meaningful decisions and actions.

    To book a 25 minute consultation call please contact me at I welcome any questions you may have and I look forward to speaking with you.

    Integrative career counseling focuses on understanding a client’s unique experiences, specific contexts and personal resources, and working collaboratively with them to create and map out meaningful and relevant steps forward.




  • When Are Career Transitions Necessary?


    Career transitions, despite their growing frequency, present us with a range of emotions, practicalities to sort through, and decisions to be made. 

  • Gathering Information Is The First Step In A Career Transition


    COVID has brought much change to the work landscape. It has either had a direct impact on our work or it has shifted our perspectives about work. Whether we have experienced outright job loss, had our work suspended due to lockdowns, whether we are navigating work from home, or re-thinking the value and meaning of a particular role or job, work and career look and feel different.

The Interview

  • Dr. Alfried Längle, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Phil


    Dr. Längle and I discuss fulfillment, burnout and the components of good leadership, all from an existential analytic perspective. A common element in all three is what Dr. Längle describes as the necessary “…practice of basic existential connecting”: being engaged in the world around us, being fully present in all that we do and the capacity to feel deeply connected to ourselves and our feelings.


  • Working with Britt-Mari was one of the most powerful and fulfilling personal and career experiences I have had the privilege of going through. Britt Mari has an ability to guide you into your inner world in a manner that enables you to...

    A.Were - Nairobi, Kenya