Integrative Career Counseling

  • I offer convenient online career, life and retirement coaching to clients globally.

    I assist my clients to:

    • successfully navigate career transitions 
    • build the foundations for a resilient career path
    • discover and integrate personal, life affirming solutions to stress and burnout
    • map out meaningful possibilities for retirement

    I invite you to try Integrated Career Counseling - a combination of career and life coaching from an experiential and existential psychological perspective. An existential coaching perspective focuses on your life, on your unique experiences, your diverse talents and capacities.

    I am committed to supporting, guiding and encouraging you through this personalized coaching process by helping you integrate and leverage your experiences, your evolving skills and what you value deeply to create customized and lasting solutions.

    My aim is to help you continue to move forward in your life with greater awareness, insight and perspective. The results of our work will enable you to combine what is possible with personally meaningful decisions and actions.

    To book an initial 20 minute conversation please contact me at I welcome any questions you may have and I look forward to speaking with you.

    I guide my clients in integrating and harmonizing their inner and public lives. By reflecting on personal values and aligning these values with their career aspirations and innate capacities, clients discover possibilities for themselves. This reinvigorates their ability to move forward with concrete actions to ensure that the work they create and devote themselves to, the collaborations they seek out and engage in, and the contributions they make to their specific fields or communities are meaningful, fulfilling and authentic representations of who they are.

    Britt-Mari Sykes PhD
    Existential Psychology
    Founder - Integrative Career Counseling


  • Searching For Careers We Are Passionate About


    I work with many young adults grappling with decisions about what to study at College or University and/or what career paths to pursue.

    Two contrasting phrases we currently hear in relation to this age group are: "failure to launch" and "find something you are passionate about". What I often witness among young adults is not so much a failure to launch but a decision paralysis.  This paralysis stems from fear of choosing a career path that may not lead to work they are passionate about.


  • Is It Okay To Feel Stuck?


    I hear this question frequently when clients contact me. This question is often accompanied by the belief that everyone else seems to know exactly what they want to do, that they have taken all the right steps and have chosen "wisely" in terms of career.

The Interview

  • Leslee S. Brown PhD


    We often focus heavily on the acquisition of skills and capacities when discussing career paths. However, the vitality, fulfillment and expansion of our professional expertise comes to life through our collaborations, our on-going learning and our integration of new perspectives. In this interview with Leslee S. Brown PhD, founder and president of MindBodyPassport Inc., we see an illustration of professional vitality and expansion in a psychologist’s experience collaborating and learning with other psychologists from around the globe.


  • Working with Britt-Mari was one of the most powerful and fulfilling personal and career experiences I have had the privilege of going through. Britt Mari has an ability to guide you into your inner world in a manner that enables you to...

    A.Were - Nairobi, Kenya